Media & Entertainment

inset-media-2The area of New Media is changing rapidly, presenting diverse issues requiring multi-disciplinary expertise. Our firm, not only, has extensive experience advising clients concerning digital rights management and distribution and the convergence of media platforms and technologies, but also has had direct experience developing new business models and shaping the direction of new media initiatives. We have assisted our clients with an analysis of the various rights implicated by the feature sets of new media ventures, have provided counsel on emerging business practices and models, terms, and opportunities, and have handled diverse transactions involving not only the securing of rights required for new media ventures but also the important vendor relations that support the operation and commercial components of such ventures.

Block Law has extensive experience in all digital media sectors of content licensing, including music, movies, television, books and video games.  As part of these services, we provide guidance to our clients regarding the structuring of key business terms in order to acquire the content in an efficient, cost-effective and enduring manner.

Block Law Advises Standards Body & Rights Management Association

A global organization that develops the standards for metadata communication and makes online business transactions in the music industry more efficient, engaged Block Law as outside corporate counsel to advise in all areas of general corporate law and anti-trust related matters.  As an integral part of the organization’s advisory team, Block Law provides immediate and informed counsel on strategic decisions.